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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Chapter 8 – Next steps

This discussion document outlines some proposals to improve how Inland Revenue administers Working for Families Tax Credits, child support, student loans and KiwiSaver and seeks your feedback.

Following consideration of the submissions, the Government will review the proposals and consider what to implement in the new START system.

Most proposals will require changes to legislation and an amending bill is intended to be introduced to Parliament in 2018. The public will have a further opportunity to comment on the legislative changes as part of the Parliamentary process.

Additionally, as Inland Revenue begins to move the social policy rules from its current FIRST system into the new START system it is likely that other areas will be discovered where small improvements to administration can be made. If these require a change in legislation there will be an opportunity to make submissions.

You can follow progress on the development of the modernisation of Inland Revenue’s systems at