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Inland Revenue

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Search tips

Full text searching

Our website search covers both webpages and attachments, such as PDFs or Word documents. Following a search, you will get a results list showing the most relevant sentence from each result with search terms in bold, so you can see at a glance if it looks useful. If the search terms appeared in an attachment, it will be indented underneath its webpage in the results list.

Refining your search

You can narrow your search results down in several different ways.


Use these left-hand facets to filter your search results.

  • Document type: the format of the information, for example webpage or PDF
  • Category: the section of the website where the result is found, for example News, Publications or Bills 
  • Publication type: the type of publication, for example Officials' report or Regulatory impact assessment
  • Year: the year of publication

Searching for an exact phrase

Sometimes you may want to search for a particular phrase. You can use quotation marks ("") around your phrase to get results that contain those words in the same order.

For example, searching for "taxation income" will return results that include the exact phrase.

Searching for taxation income (without quotation marks) will return results that have both terms anywhere on the page or in the document.

Result sorting

By default, the results that you get when searching on our site are sorted by relevancy. This is based on:

  • the date the page was created
  • the keywords found on the page
  • how many other tax policy users click on the page.

You can change how the search results are ordered by changing the Sort by drop-down at the top of your search page.