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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Chapter 6 - New online services

Current process

6.1 Interactions between borrowers and Inland Revenue are mainly by phone and paper. At a minimum, borrowers receive statements twice-yearly. Any changes made to loan accounts during the year, for example, when a penalty is applied, automatically trigger a further paper statement.

6.2 Students who are still studying may have to contact both StudyLink and Inland Revenue to obtain a consolidated loan balance. This happens because StudyLink administers the current borrowings which are only transferred to Inland Revenue once a year. Once they are transferred, the loan balance is consolidated.

Online services for the future

6.3 Because it is likely that most borrowers are comfortable using electronic technology, Inland Revenue is looking toward expanding online services to enable borrowers to self-manage their loan accounts online to a greater extent than is currently possible.

6.4 When it’s convenient for borrowers to do so, they would be able to access a number of services through a secure online service, including:

  • viewing an up-to-date loan balance and transaction history;
  • managing their loan account at any time, and from anywhere;
  • applying for special tax or repayment codes to change deduction rates;
  • increasing student loan deductions and viewing the impact of this change on their loan balance;
  • requesting a refund of overpaid deductions; and
  • contacting Inland Revenue by email.

6.5 Phone contact would be the exception and limited to complex cases that cannot be handled via online services. Paper contact would be kept to a minimum.

6.6 Loan balances would be transferred more frequently from StudyLink to Inland Revenue, allowing borrowers to have access to a consolidated loan balance without the need to contact two agencies.

We welcome submissions on:

  • Whether you would like to be able to get in touch with Inland Revenue through other electronic channels such as email or text message. If you could access all your student loan information securely online, would you be happy for Inland Revenue to stop sending you this on paper?
  • What services would you like to have available online to help you manage your loan account?
  • Are there any other changes to online services that you think we should consider?