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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Appendix B

List of Inland Revenue Department submissions

  • IRD/INQ/1–14 (initial briefing material provided to committee)
  • Inland Revenue Department responses to committee requests for information dated 15 June 1999, 23 June 1999, 7 July 1999, 12 July 1999, 20 July 1999, 11 August 1999, 31 August 1999, 3 September 1999, 7 September 1999, 17 September 1999 and 5 October 1999.
  • Inland Revenue Department responses to issues raised in specific submissions dated 31 May 1999, 8 June 1999, 14 June 1999, 15 June 1999, 23 June 1999 and 30 June 1999.
  • Final submission from the Inland Revenue Department dated August 1999.
  • Response under natural justice provisions from Commissioner of Inland Revenue, dated 17 September 1999, to allegations made in submissions.
  • Submission from Commissioner of Inland Revenue, dated 5 October 1999, on draft adverse findings.

In addition to the above, the department provided the committee with approximately 37,000 pages of documents requested by the committee. The index to these documents is IRD/INQ/5.

List of public submissions

1W C McKnight
2W Elgin Ross Limited
3W T Higham
4W W Deeming
5W E R Harrison
6W Denco Audio Ltd
7W M Bailey
8W B Silvester
9W S Johnson
10W A McIntosh
11W 11WA R Engel
12W P Cornelius
13W L Middlemiss
14W B Steel
15W Taranaki Farmers
16W ADALEC Products Ltd
17W 17WA Barry I Rusden
18W John McNeil
19W Trevor Phillips
20W Phil Bowering
21W Ralph L Martin
22W Mr K A Donoghue
23W IG & JM Newman Partnership
24W A Flavell
25W DFL Money
26 Ron Peek
27W Mountain Beech Apiaries
28W B R Hansen
29W P M Wright
30W Peter Jones Chartered Accountants
31 J McNeil
32W W F & PD Pearson
33W Independent Business Foundation
34W Accounting Action
35W J P Coutts
36W P Maskery
37W J A Sheat & W C Sheat
38 38A—38E B M Grierson
39 R Denby
40 Leep Consulting
41W S Wilson
42W W R Faulkner
43W Berry & Walker
44W Harley Cooke Real Estate
45 B Sutherland
46W Sea Air and Land Communications Ltd
47W Colbert Cooper Ltd Chartered Accountants
48W British Pensioners Association (NZ) Inc
49W David Deck Public Accountant
50 P Williams
51W D Kindley
52W I Horn
53W Objective Communications
54W D Harry
55W G Kent
56W S Leonard-Taylor
57W L M Leighton
58W M Yurjevich
59 59A G Cosgrove
60W B G Mullane
61W AD Reveley
62W C J Peterson
63W J Kingsbury
64 Te Huinga O Te Whanau (Peoples Project) Inc.
65W T & P Robinson Te Karaka Bakery Store
66W A H S Bridgman
67W Mr H N Healey
68W Mr SPJ Smith
69W A Calcott
70W A Sutherland
71W C R Middleton
72W Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Inc)
73W R Tattershaw
74W S Schurgers
75W F G Respinger
76W E W G Taylor
77W M R Allen
78 78A Montgomerie & Associates
79 Design Association New Zealand Inc.
80 Managing Director ACE Payroll Plus NZ
81 81A—81C Engineering Contractors (New Zealand) Limited
82 82A Nigel Smith & Associates Ltd
83W SBT Business Centre
84 Wgton/Hutt Valley Branch Cactus & Succulent Society of N Z (Inc)
85 R I Monks
86 P W Drysdale
87W R Thompson
88 McNally Farm Systems Ltd
89W State Services Commission
90W G Hills & G Stenhouse
91 M V Hay
92W B J Douglas
93W D Hare
94 Sea-Right Investments Ltd.
95W J Saunders
96W P D Milne
97W B K Knowles
98W 98WA Horwath Wellington Chartered Accountant
99 99A—99B G R Somerville
100W Schnauer & Co
101 NZ Public Service Association
102W T Cox
103 103A—103B P D Ramsay
104W P A Burgess
105W T Angelo
106W B Williams
107W Fitzherbert Rowe Lawyers
108W Marshall Associates Ltd
109W B K Knowles
110W S Gallagher
111 111A—111F MJ Scott
112 R & P T Broughton
113 Luke Cunningham & Clere Barristers & Solicitors
114 National Council of Women
115W Darryl Ward
116 116A Auckland Regional Chamber of Commerce
117 C G Duff
118 R Smith
119W F D Bailey
120 D Henderson
121 121A—121C Institute of Chartered Accountants of NZ
122W H P Hanna & Co Chartered Accountants
123W Baycorp Holdings Limited
124W J C Berry
125 125A H Speirs
126W T P Patterson
127 Harts Gauld Ltd Chartered Accountants
128W Neil Allan Signs (1984)
129W A L Stevens
130W C Munn
131 131A—131B D Powell Chartered Accountant
132W Y E Smith
133 Ebbett Automation Ltd
134W 131A-131B Kahu Heartland Farm
135W M H Anderson
136W; J N Barker
137W G D R Sword
138W Richards Woodhouse Chartered Accountant
139W M Smith
140W R J F Witten
141W McCallum Petterson Forensic
142 R Wilson
143W B S Palliser Hill Lee & Scott
144W M H White
145 S E McLeod
146W Castle/Brown, Barristers and Solicitors
147W A W Taylor
148 148A—148B Retail Merchants Association of NZ Inc.
149W D Glew
150W R & J Clark
151W P A Verry & Associates
152 152A—152C T P Brady NZ Taxpayer Rights Movement
153 Robert Cooper Chartered Accountants
154 154A Libertarianz
155W 155WA-155WB R Cullen
156 156A PricewaterhouseCoopers
157W 157WA P Graham
158 Denham Martin & Associates
159W Grant Turnpenny
160–160A M Webley
161W J Watson
162W—162WA R D Harder
163W G Liston
164 Newlandia Industries Limited
165W L M Wright
166W Business Professional Services Ltd
167 167A K F M Ritchie
168W B Milne
169W C J Tweed
170W R E Andrew
171W A Phillips
172W G C Novak
173W S L Jasper
174 174A T Norriss
175 175A—
Privacy Commissioner
176 G Howden & R Voice
177W Flyger and Associates Chartered Accountants
178W N S Shepherd
179W I Gaskin
180W G J Smith
181W S Dewing
182W F Spence
183W M Duncan
184 184A I Caddis/J Laking
185W D M Parsons
186W J & T Pearce
187–187A Chief Ombudsman
188–188A NZ Law Society

In addition to the above submissions the committee received a number of submissions in private and secret. The committee also received and considered numerous items of correspondence after the closing date for submissions.



Published by Order of the House of Representatives—1999