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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

PUBLISHED 8 December 2016

Further TAA consultation announced

Submissions are sought on detailed proposals for amendments to the Tax Administration Act which build on earlier proposals released for consultation in November 2015.

The proposals which support the Government’s transformation of tax administration are aimed at helping to get tax right from the start. In particular, they centre around the roles of the Commissioner of Inland Revenue, taxpayers and their agents, information collection, confidentiality and disclosure and the design of a new Tax Administration Act. Submissions close on 24 February 2017.

For more information see the Minister of Revenue’s media statement and the discussion document Making tax simpler – Proposals for modernising the Tax Administration Act.

Hon Michael Woodhouse
Minster of Revenue

Media statement

8 December 2016

Feedback sought on modernising the TAA

Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse today released proposals to simplify and modernise the Tax Administration Act (TAA), as part of the Government’s major transformation of the revenue system.

“The Government is committed to ensuring our tax administration is fit for purpose and meets the needs of modern New Zealand,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“Today’s release of the discussion document, Making tax simpler – proposals for modernising the Tax Administration Act, includes detailed proposals developed following the first round of consultation in November last year.

“A key feature of this consultation is a focus on moving Inland Revenue resources to help taxpayers get it right from the start by providing more advice.”

Submissions received in November 2015 showed support for greater flexibility in how Inland Revenue works with taxpayers and intermediaries. They also recognised a desire to balance taxpayers’ confidentiality with the need for broader information sharing within government.

“A lot has changed in the way individuals and businesses engage with the tax system since the last comprehensive review of our tax administration settings in the early 90s,” Mr Woodhouse says.

“That is why we are undertaking extensive consultation to ensure the TAA is simple and workable for all New Zealanders.”

Submissions close on 24 February 2017. More information is available at