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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Archived websites

These consultation and other websites have been archived and made available for reference:

Website name Description PDF National Library harvest of site
GST Advisory Panel The GST Advisory Panel was established in June 2010 to help businesses and the Government implement the GST rate increase announced in Budget 2010. The Panel considered submissions and acted as a conduit between businesses and the Government. PDF (800 KB)
Making tax easier Online consultation forum – 2010. PDF (3.2 MB)
Making tax simpler

Online consultation on options for simplifying and modernising New Zealand’s tax administration – 2015–17.

Static copies of closed consultation sites are not currently available (some links may no longer work, not captured by the National Library):

  • Making tax simpler (main site):
  • Green paper (2015):
  • Better digital services (2015):
  • Towards a new Tax Administration Act (2015–16):
  • Better administration of PAYE and GST (2015–16):
  • Better business tax: Provisional tax - Accounting Income Method (AIM) proposal (2016):
  • Investment income information (2016):
  • Proposals for modernising the Tax Administration Act (2016–17):
  • Better administration of individuals' income tax (2017):
  • Better administration of social policy (2017):
Rewrite Advisory Panel Rewrite Advisory Panel – disestablished in 2014.
Student loans consultation Online consultation forum – 2009. PDF (1.01 MB)
Targeting serious crime Online consultation forum – 2013. PDF (1.05 MB)


  • PDFs were created using Adobe Acrobat web capture.
  • The copies of websites harvested by the National Library of New Zealand may not be exactly the same as the live website, and some links may no longer work.
  • The static copies of websites were created using the wget command, some links may no longer work.
  • Static copies of websites are not yet available following the update of the tax policy website in late 2020.
  • If you have difficulty in accessing any of the content from these sites please contact us.