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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Upcoming website improvements

Latest website improvements

The updated tax policy website went live in November 2020. This is a significant update to the website and includes:

  • familiar navigation for those used to the previous tax policy website
  • improved search, including a search box on every page
  • the ability to see the progress pages for previous bills
  • a similar look to other Inland Revenue websites
  • a responsive design so that the content displays well on smaller and larger screens, including mobile devices and tablets

Known issues

Because the updated website uses a different content management system, and the existing content was migrated from our older system, there are some known issues with the migrated content and we expect some teething problems.

Known issues that we are planning to fix include:

  • spacing: the spacing will be condensed to fit more information on a screen
  • web page styles: heading, list, table, footnote, and other styles in publication and other pages require some additional work - we will be progressively improving these

Planned improvements

We're working on several improvements to the website, including:

  • improved search: Inland Revenue is implementing a new search engine across all its websites that will enable:
    • filtering to help narrow down the results for announcement, publication, and other listing pages, for example you will be able to filter publications by year and type
    • full text indexing of PDFs and other non-web page formats
  • information about publications: we will be progressively be adding improved summaries for publications

Feedback during the beta period

During the beta period for the website (up until late November 2020) we received lots of great feedback. We will shortly add a summary of the feedback received, our response, and progress on addressing issues raised.

Additional feedback is welcome

We will continue to improve this website and we welcome ongoing feedback about this website. Please use the Feedback button on the right-hand side of the page or contact us.