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Inland Revenue

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Information release
Published 8 March 2022

Public submissions received on the scope of Inland Revenue’s Long-term Insights Briefing

Submissions received from consultation on the scope of Inland Revenue’s long-term insights briefing.

Publication information

Documents in this information release

Submissions received from:

  1. Individual submitter – name withheld (2 pages; PDF 451 KB)
  2. BusinessNZ (4 pages; PDF 303 KB)[1]
  3. KPMG (5 pages; PDF 485 KB)[2]
  4. PwC (4 pages; PDF 466 KB)
  5. Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (11 pages; PDF 1.5 MB)[3]
  6. CPA Australia (3 pages; PDF 356 KB)[4]
  7. Corporate Taxpayers Group (4 pages; PDF 483 KB)
  8. Baucher Consulting Ltd (2 pages; PDF 320 KB)
Additional information

Inland Revenue consulted on the scope of Inland Revenue’s long-term insights briefing in August 2021.

Submissions closed in September 2021, and 8 public submissions were received.

Inland Revenue’s draft long-term insights briefing was released for feedback in February 2022.

Copyright information

Submitters hold the copyright for their submissions, and they must be consulted on the licensing terms that they apply to their material.