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Tax Policy

PUBLISHED 19 February 2016

AEOI consultation launched

Consultation was launched today seeking public feedback on proposals for implementing the G20/OECD global standard for automatic exchange of information which will help detect and prevent tax evasion. Under the new rules financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, managed entities, certain brokers, custodians and collective investment vehicles would have obligations to review their accounts and report information to Inland Revenue. For more information see the media statement and the issues paper.

Hon Michael Woodhouse
Minister of Revenue

19 February 2016

Media statement

Consultation begins on AEOI implementation

The OECD’s automatic exchange of information (AEOI) initiative will set a global standard for sharing information with the objective of minimising tax evasion, says Revenue Minister Michael Woodhouse.

An issues paper, Implementing the global standard on automatic exchange of information, was released today for public feedback. The paper outlines proposals for implementing the global standard on the AEOI.

“AEOI is aimed at countering tax evasion, and will be an important new means for recovering lost tax revenue and improving transparency in tax matters,” says Mr Woodhouse.

“But we need to ensure that it is implemented in the most efficient manner for New Zealand, so I’m pleased we are now going through this important public consultation process.”

The new rules impose due diligence and reporting requirements on financial institutions which includes banks, as well as a broad range of entities including certain brokers, custodians, collective investment vehicles, managed entities and insurance companies.

“We will have a phased implementation, with 1 July 2017 as the start date for financial institutions to conduct due diligence and reporting requirements on all new accounts. This will allow Inland Revenue to start exchanging information with other tax authorities by September 2018, in line with the international requirements.

“AEOI will require financial institutions provide information on account holders’ financial assets to their local tax authority.

“We want to minimise compliance costs and other adverse consequences for financial institutions, so it is important that all interested parties get involved in the consultation process and consider the implementation proposals in this issues paper.”

The issues paper is available at Submissions close on 31 March 2016.