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PUBLISHED 12 March 2012

Payroll Giving website launched

The Minister of Revenue commended the Payroll Giving Early Adopters’ Group on the development of a new website which aims to answer questions and provide information for employers considering offering the scheme in their workplaces.  For more information see the Minister's media statement.

Hon Peter Dunne
Minister of Revenue

Media Statement

New website offers Payroll Giving help for employers

Commenting on a new website, which will help employers seeking to establish payroll giving schemes in their workplaces, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne today congratulated the group behind the website for their efforts.

Payroll Giving is a scheme which allows an employee to donate to their nominated charity through their employer’s payroll. Mr Dunne said that the Payroll Giving Early Adopters Group which comprises a mix of small and large employers had worked very hard to make Payroll Giving more accessible for other employers.

The new website launched by the Payroll Giving Early Adopters Group will contain helpful information for large employers and small-medium sized employers.

“One of the most useful things for employers contemplating offering the scheme is to be able to learn from the experiences of other employers just like themselves. The site will provide useful insights and learnings from employers who have successfully established payroll giving schemes,” says Mr Dunne.

Payroll Giving is currently offered by 1,300 employers and over 100,000 employees have access to a scheme.

Mr Dunne said he was very gratified by the response to the scheme.

“New Zealand is a big-hearted country. In fact a recent report has placed New Zealand in second place behind the US for charitable donations. Payroll Giving seems to be gaining favour as a convenient way to donate and over $4.8 million has now been donated through the scheme.”

Mr Dunne says that in December 2011 alone, over 2,200 employees donated just over $275,000, receiving immediate tax credits totalling over $91,000.

Mr Dunne encouraged employers to find out about the scheme at


Hayden Cox | Ministerial Advisor to Hon Peter Dunne
Mobile: 021 917339