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PUBLISHED 21 June 2010

GST advisory panel website launched

The GST Advisory Panel today launched a new website, [site no longer available - see Internet Archive for archived version], to help businesses preparing for the GST rate increase on 1 October. For more information see the Government’s media statement.

Hon Peter Dunne
Minister of Revenue

Media Statement

Dunne: GST Panel eases way for new generation of business

The recently appointed GST Advisory Panel will help ensure that a business sector that has not faced GST change in a generation has a smooth transition to the 15 percent rate on 1 October, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne says.

In launching the GST Advisory Panel's website ( [site no longer available - see Internet Archive for archived version]) today, he said the business leaders and executives who would implement the new rate were a generation removed from those who saw GST introduced in 1986, then increased to 12.5 percent in 1989.

"Today's businesses have not faced GST changes, so it makes sense to have the GST Advisory Panel to help smooth that transition," Mr Dunne said.

"It also makes sense to have this Panel advising the Government of any issues that business faces, so the whole process can be eased."

The website and the 0800 number being launched today are tools the GST Advisory Panel will use to field queries and comments from businesses as they move their systems to the new rate, Mr Dunne said.

"The panel will also advise businesses on any common concerns," Mr Dunne said.

He said the Panel is independent of both the Government and Inland Revenue, but will work with both to communicate business needs and issues ahead of 1 October.

"It will monitor how business is dealing with the change so the Government is aware of particular issues they may face in recording and charging GST at the new rate by the due date.

"It is crucial that the Government hears about any issues promptly so they can be addressed," he said.

As well as the website, businesses can contact the Panel on 0800 387 783

Media Contact:
Mark Stewart | Press Secretary | Office of Hon Peter Dunne
Cell +64 21 243 6985