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PUBLISHED 21 May 2010

GST advisory panel set up

The Government has announced it has set up a special advisory panel to help ease the transition for businesses implementing the GST rate increase announced in the Budget. For more information see the Government’s media statement.

Hon Peter Dunne
Minister of Revenue

Friday, 21 May 2010

Media Statement

Dunne: Advisory Panel to be set up to assist with GST change

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne has announced the establishment of a private sector GST Advisory Panel to help businesses and the Government implement the GST increase announced in Budget 2010 yesterday.

“The panel will act as a conduit between businesses and the Government with a dedicated website and 0800 number to be set up to deal with queries and comments from businesses as they move their systems to the new rate,” Mr Dunne said.

“The panel will also be able to advise businesses on any common concerns,” Mr Dunne said.

“It will have an important role in working with Inland Revenue to ease businesses’ transition to the new 15 percent rate on 1 October,” he said.

“The panel will monitor how business is dealing with the change so the Government is aware of particular issues they may face in recording and charging GST at the new rate by the due date.

“It is crucial that the Government hears about any issues promptly so they can be addressed,” he said.

“The panel will also advise the Government on concerns for particular industries, activities or types of transaction related to the GST rate increase,” Mr Dunne said.

Members of the GST Advisory Panel are:

- Frank Owen (Chair), Retired Accountant.
- David McLay, Tax Barrister.
- Craig Macalister, Tax Director, Institute of Chartered Accountants.
- Phil O'Reilly, CEO, Business New Zealand.
- Karen Radford, Director, New Zealand Retailers Association.


GST Advisory Panel member biographies

Frank Owen (Chair)
Frank Owen is a retired chartered accountant. He is a former Chairman of KPMG New Zealand’s National Tax Practice, and a former member of the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants National Tax Committee. He was previously owner and Managing Director of TEO Training Ltd which undertook large GST training programmes in both New Zealand and Australia.

David McLay
David McLay has practised as a tax barrister since 2003, following 17 years as tax partner with Bell Gully, and is a prominent tax lawyer with considerable experience in most areas of tax law and tax litigation. He is Chairman of the Income Tax Act Rewrite Advisory Panel.

Craig Macalister
Craig Macalister has been Tax Director of New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants since 2005. He was previously KPMG’s National Tax Director. Prior to joining KPMG, he worked at Inland Revenue, principally in the Department’s Policy Advice Division as a Senior Tax Policy Analyst.

Phil O’Reilly
Phil O’Reilly is Chief Executive of Business New Zealand. He has a background in business, advocacy and communications in enterprises in New Zealand and Australia.

Karen Radford
Karen Radford is currently a Director at New Zealand Retailers Association, Director at Radford and Company Limited and Development Director at Queen Margaret College, Wellington.


Media Contact:

Mark Stewart | Press Secretary | Office of Hon Peter Dunne Cell +64 21 243 6985