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PUBLISHED 28 August 2009

Minister welcomes Families Commission paper on care of children

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne today welcomed a paper released by the Families Commission on the care of children. The paper foreshadows a discussion document planned for release later this year on possible changes to the child support scheme. For more information see the media statement and the Families Commission issues paper, "What separating parents need when making care arrangements for their children" (PDF 148KB).

Hon Peter Dunne
Minister of Revenue

Media statement

Dunne welcomes paper on care of children

Revenue Minister Peter Dunne today welcomed the launch of the Families Commission's issues paper (PDF 148KB) on separating parents making care arrangements for their children.

He said it was timely, coming as it does with Inland Revenue preparing a discussion document on possible changes to the child support system, particularly around issues of shared parenting.

"The Families Commission has done a great job with this issues paper, and I'm particularly impressed by its focus on giving parents the tools to sort out their own arrangements that are best for their children," Mr Dunne said.

He said the emphasis had to be on parents accepting joint responsibility for the care and support of their children when relationships break down.

"The Child Support system was always intended to be a back-up when these arrangements either fail or are not made at all.

"Unfortunately, over the years it has shifted from the 'back-up' position to being the 'default' position in too many cases.

"I think everyone supports parents working together to support their children through what is a difficult time, and the more people who can do that, the better it is for them and their children," he said.

"All the evidence shows that parents who can work together are happier with the outcome of the care and financial arrangements they make, and working things out maturely and co-operatively can only benefit the children, and provide for a healthier environment for them.

"The Families Commission is making an important contribution here," Mr Dunne said.


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