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PUBLISHED 12 June 2002

Second report from charities working party

The working party set up last year to look at the proposed registration, reporting and monitoring system for charities claiming tax-free status has presented its second report to the government.

The report recommends changes relating to the standardisation of various tax assistance rules applying to New Zealand charities operating overseas, and whether the definition of "charitable purpose" could be improved without altering its overall scope.

The report is available at [link no longer available]. For the government's response see the media statement.

Hon Dr Michael Cullen
Minister of Revenue


Charities working party delivers 2nd report

The charities working party has recommended changes to make it easier for individuals to receive tax rebates on donations to charitable organisations working overseas, such as the Red Cross.

In its second and final report the government appointed working party also comments on improving the definition of charitable purpose.

"This work is of high quality and will be a valuable resource but I believe we should not make any changes in this important and complex area until we have seen the results of similar work being done in other commonwealth countries.

"Accordingly I do not anticipate any legislative change to the definition in the immediate future," Dr Cullen said.

The report is available on [link no longer available]

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