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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

PUBLISHED 24 May 2002

Tribute to Sir Ivor Richardson

Revenue Minister Michael Cullen has praised Sir Ivor Richardson, who retired this month as President of the Court of Appeal, for his contribution to tax. For more information see the Minister's media statement.

Hon Dr Michael Cullen
Minister of Revenue


Praise for Sir Ivor Richardson's contribution to tax

"Sir Ivor Richardson made an outstanding contribution to tax law during his career," Revenue Minister Michael Cullen said today.

Dr Cullen was commenting on Sir Ivor's retirement this month as President of the Court of Appeal.

"Sir Ivor was the architect of the Generic Tax Policy Process. This provides for consultation with and feedback from the private sector as policies are developed. That was a radical departure at the time but has led to stronger laws because it has allowed for the early detection of potential problems.

"As chairman of the committee that reviewed the organisation of Inland Revenue in 1994, Sir Ivor made a number of recommendations that have produced long term benefits for tax policy and tax administration.

"His legacy is huge, and will be long-lasting," Dr Cullen said.

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