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PUBLISHED 24 October 2001

Tax Review report released

The Tax Review released its final report to the Government today. Its recommendations include:

  • Adopting a two-step rate for personal tax: 18% on income up to $29,500 and 33% thereafter.
  • Aligning the tax rate for companies and trusts with the top 33% personal rate.
  • Reducing the company tax rate to the extent of a company's foreign ownership.
  • Taxing savings and investment vehicles and offshore portfolio investments by a consistent method based on a risk-free rate of return.
  • Removing excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol, gaming and roading, and replacing the lost revenue by increasing GST.

The review does not recommend introducing a tax on owner-occupied housing or a general capital gains tax. The report is available at and at Bennett's Government Bookshops. For the Government's response see media statement.

Hon Dr Michael Cullen
Minister of Revenue


Tax review a resource for all parties - Cullen

Finance Minister Michael Cullen today welcomed the Tax Review's final report saying he hoped all political parties would use it as a policy resource as they prepared for the 2002 election campaign.

"Labour cannot support the two rate income tax scale recommended by the Review as we favour a more progressive regime than this model allows.

"However the Review has come up with a number of interesting ideas in the areas of international tax and the tax treatment of entities. These have the potential to stimulate economic growth and will be incorporated into the government's tax policy programme although there are some design details and implementation issues to be worked through before any final decisions can be taken."

Dr Cullen reaffirmed the government's opposition to a tax on owner-occupied housing, and noted that the Review does not recommend one having acknowledged the strength of public resistance to the idea.

He also said the government would not be abolishing excise taxes and duties because it valued them as a mechanism to discourage certain behaviours. "An increase in GST is unacceptable.

"Labour promised before the last election that the GST rate would not be increased and this is a government that keeps its promises," he said.

"I would like to thank Rob McLeod, Srikanta Chatterjee, Shirley Jones, David Patterson, Ted Sieper and their team of advisers for their work.

"We have always been clear that we would not expect to pick up all the Review's recommendations. But they have made a useful and, I am sure, enduring contribution to the tax debate.

"The Review finds there is much to commend the existing New Zealand tax system and that it compares quite favourably with other jurisdictions. There is no need for large scale change to the basic architecture.

"There is, however, room for improvement.

"I will give a fuller statement of the government's initial response and the process from here in a speech on Friday to the annual tax conference hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

"We gave an assurance at the start of this exercise that we would not implement any significant new taxes without first seeking a mandate from the electorate
through the 2002 general elections. We will hold firm to that commitment," Dr Cullen said.

The Review was given a budget of $985,000 [GST inclusive] and was funded out of Vote: Treasury.

Contact: Patricia Herbert, 471-9412 or 021-270-9013. Technical inquiries to Michelle Davie [tax advisor to Dr Cullen] 471-9728.