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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

Consultation document
Published 28 February 1995

International tax - a discussion document

A Government discussion document.

February 1995.Front cover page with a dark blue background: Title - International tax - a discussion document, authors Rt Hon Bill Birch, Minister of Finance and Hon Wyatt Creech, Minister of Revenue. Blue background with New Zealand coat of arms and a map of the world with arrows showing money flowing around the world.

It outlines an economic framework for international tax and proposals for reforms to the tax rules.







  • This document was created by scanning the original published document and converting it into text.
  • There may be some errors in the text, and formatting differences in the Word (DOCX) and text versions. For example, the pagination was kept, however the paragraph formatting does not match. If in doubt, the scanned version of the document available as a PDF is the authoritative source.
  • The source Abbyy FineReader 12, TIFF, and image files are available on request.