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Inland Revenue

Tax Policy

PUBLISHED 8 September 2022

New Tax Bill introduced

The Minister of Revenue introduced the Taxation (Annual Rates for 2022–23, Platform Economy, and Remedial Matters) Bill (No 2) into Parliament today.

The Bill contains a range of proposed improvements and maintenance measures to ensure the smooth functioning of the tax system, including proposals to:

  • set the annual income tax rates for the 2022–23 tax year
  • implement the OECD’s information reporting and exchange framework for activities being facilitated by digital platforms in the sharing and gig economy
  • collect GST on accommodation and transportation services provided through electronic marketplaces
  • reform the GST apportionment and adjustment rules
  • clarify the GST treatment of legislative charges
  • modernise and clarify the rules for employers and payers in relation to cross-border workers
  • ensure New Zealand companies affected by recent changes to Australia’s corporate residency tax rules have uninterrupted access to New Zealand’s loss grouping, consolidation and imputation credit regimes
  • address integrity issues with the application of the domestic dividend exemption and corporate migration rules to dual resident companies
  • introduce a fringe benefit tax exemption for public transport, and
  • introduce an exemption from the interest limitation rules for build-to-rent assets.

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