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PUBLISHED 19 August 2022

Tax relief for businesses hit by severe July weather

The Government has made an Order in Council declaring the series of adverse weather fronts that crossed New Zealand between 11 July and 31 July 2022 to be an emergency event and allows Inland Revenue to waive interest charges on late payments of tax for business affected by that emergency event. The Tax Administration (July Adverse Weather Event) Order 2022 allows Inland Revenue to waive use of money interest for late payment of taxes.

The emergency event applies to people whose businesses in the districts of Canterbury, Gisborne, Northland, Otago, and Wairoa have been affected by floods, damaging high winds, and disruption to infrastructure.

The Order is now in effect and will expire on 30 September 2022.

Businesses affected by the floods are urged to contact their tax agent if they would like to take advantage of the interest remission measure. Taxpayers will be able to apply to have late payment interest waived once they have filed their returns and paid due taxes.

Different rules apply in cases of financial hardship.